Monday, November 28, 2011

Pantea's Flute Bug - How to Fix on a PC

If you've found Pantea's Flute before the quest is assigned, it's possible for the quest to get stuck with the game asking for you to find Pantea's Flute even though it's already stuck in your inventory.  To work around the Skyrim Pantea's Flute bug on a personal computer, one will need to use some game console commands from the game console screen.  Call up the game console screen by pressing the tilde key ( ~ ) and then type the following without the quotation marks:  "player.drop 000DABA7 1".  Make sure there is a space after the p and the 7 and that last character is a one (1) not a small L.  This should cause the Pantea's Flute in your inventory to be dropped.  Just pick it up again and the quest should proceed smoothly from there.

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